Extol ‎– Of Light And Shade Extol DVD


DVD1"Extol: Of Light And Shade" - Documentary69:00

DVD2-1The Studio Diaries

DVD2-2Mixing the Album (Extended Scene)

DVD2-3Making of "A Gift Beyond Human Reach"

DVD2-4Metal Moms

DVD2-5Pastor Bob Beeman - The Complete Interview

DVD2-6"Burial" - Live from Lutakko, Finland (2000)

DVD2-7"Renewal" - Live from DP Festival, Norway (2000)

DVD2-8"Undeceived" - Live from Bobfest, Sweden (2002)

DVD2-9"Jesus Kom Til Jorden For å Dø" - Live from Bobfest, Sweden (2004)

DVD2-10"Blood Red Cover" - Live from Motstøy, Norway (2004)

DVD2-11"The Death Sedative" - Live from Hulen, Norway (2005)

DVD2-12"Celestial Completion" - Live from Chain Reaction, USA (2005)

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Slechtvalk ‎– Upon The Fields Of Battle




2Thunder Of War

3Of Slumber And Death

4War Of The Ancients

5Under A Moonlit Sky

6Call To Arms

7Whispers In The Dark



10In Paradisum

11Cries Of The Haunted

12Videoclip "Thunder Of War"

13Behind The Scenes

14Photo Gallery

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Horde  ‎– The Day Of Total Armageddon Holocaust - Alive In Oslo




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1A Church Bell Tolls Amidst The Frozen Nordic Winds

2Blasphemous Abomination Of The Satanic Pentagram

3Behold - The Rising Of The Scarlet Moon

4Thine Hour Hast Come

5Release And Clothe The Virgin Sacrifice

6Silence The Blasphemous Chanting

7Invert The Inverted Cross

Vocals – Pilgrim Bestiarius*

8An Abandoned Grave Bathes Softly In The Falling Moonlight

9Crush The Bloodied Horns Of The Goat

10The Day Of Total Armageddon Holocaust

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Rob Rock ‎– The Voice Of Melodic Metal DVD

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Garden Of Chaos

First Winds Of The End Of Time

Rock The Earth

In The Night

Slayer Of Souls

Judgment Day

Only A Matter Of Time

This Time Is The Last Time

Savior's Call

Metal Breed

I'm A Warrior

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Blood Good - Rock Theater

Shakin The World DVD

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