Holy Soldier ‎– Last Train  ( Cassettes) In Stock

Ordernumber 77sold77


1Virtue & Vice


3Hallow's Eve

4Gimme Shelter

5Love Is On The Way

6Dead End Drive

7Tuesday Mourning

8Fairweather Friend

9Last Train

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Bloodgood ‎– The Collection ( Cassettes ) In Stock

Ordernumber 77BG77

1Anguish And Pain

2Battle Of The Flesh

3Eat The Flesh

4Never Be The Same

5New Age Illusion


7The Messiah

8What's Following The Grave

9Shakin' It

10Killing The Beast

11Alone In Suicide

12Out Of The Darkness

13Do Or Die

14The Presence

15Top Of The Mountain

16Black Snake

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Bloodgood ‎– The Detonation ( Cassettes ) In Stock

Ordernumber 77BG77DET7

1Battle Of The Flesh

2Vagrant People


4Alone In Suicide

5Heartbeat (Of The City)

6Eat The Flesh

7Holy Fire


9The Messiah

10Live Wire

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One Bad Pig ‎– Swine Flew ( Cassettes )  In Stock

Ordernumber 77OBPSF77


1 See Me Sweat

2 Altar Ego

3 Hey Punk

4 Red River

5 Bowl Of Wrath

6 Big Stomach

7 Christmas Time

8 Judas' Kiss

9 Desperation

10 Thrash Against Sin

11 Swine Flew

12 When Your Love Died

13 We Want You

70 SEK


One Bad Pig ‎– Live: Blow The House Down ( Cassettes ) In Stock



1 Prelude: Green Acres Theme

2 Take A Look At Yourself

3 Hey Punk

4 Smash The Guitar

5 I Scream Sunday

6 Red River

7 Judas Kiss

8 Cut Your Hair

9 Bowl Of Wrath

10 Isaiah 6

11 Let's Be Frank

12 Altar Ego

13 Swine Flew

14 Godarchy

15 Kosher

16 Ice Cream Sundae

17 Looney Tune

18 Rock The Casbah

19 Never Forget The Cross

70 SEK


Vengeance Rising ‎– Once Dead ( Cassettes) In Stock


1 Warfare

2 Can’t Get Out

3 Cut Into Pieces

4 Frontal Lobotomy

5 Herod’s Violent Death

6 The Whipping Post

7 Arise

8 Space Truck’In

9 Out Of The Will

10 The Wrath To Come

11 Into The Abyss

12 Among The Dead

70 SEK