Heidre – Kvit

Heidre is a band project from Norway, founded in 2018. They have created new versions of known and lesser-known hymns.The newly relaesed album “ Kvit” is their debut album. All the lyrics are in Norwegian. Heidre is an old Norwegian word meaning "to honor" or "to praise". The album was printed on CD in 300 copies and is nearly sold out as we speak.    The band is considering pressing vinyl, but it is not decided

Line Up:
Rita, Vocals
Alf Petter, Guitar, Synth
Siggen, Drummer,
Ingvild, Piano
Trond Edvard, Bass.

All the members of the band have a slightly different musical backgrounds, which is why we have tried to mix this into something new”. As a band they would like the music and lyrics to be central and not themselves as human beings. “We honor God by playing these hymns.

Rita the vocalist is married to Alf Petter who plays guitar and synth. Ingvild the pianist is married to Trond Edvard the bassist of the band.

We are very fond of the old Scandinavian hymns that have deep lyrics and beautiful melodies. They address many aspects of life, and we want more to open their eyes to these. Some of the hymns are hundreds of years old, and on one of the hymns we do not know a copywriter. It is sung from generation to generation, until someone wrote it down in 1979. ("I know a friend") “.

With complex guitar riffs, great bass and drums with metal beats, piano and female vocals this album should appeal to any fan of Symfonic Metal. Lyrically psalms tend to be timeless and handle topics that refer to human life and in Christians living in any decade. And in this metal cover versions, a new generation can discover that God is timeless and has been there from the beginning of the humanity and will be till the end.

Personal favorites are “Jeg Kjenner En Ven”, in English “ I Know A Friend” . A beautiful descripton about wandering with Christ and also “ Deg Vaere Aere”, " Glory To You". Hymns/ Psalms presented like this on a sunday and no one would call that church sleepy or boring.

We as a band would like the music and lyrics to be central and not us as human beings. We will honor God by playing these hymns” . We also want to make more music in the future.”
For the moment Heidre is merely a studioproject, but they are also open for other aspects in the future.


The first full lenght of this band was released on May 23rd. The album is selftitled and released under Underground Symphony Records in deluxe digipak edition.

Sangreal is an international project. They themselves title their music as Epic Metal.to connect metal to the sacred of the ancient scriptures, religious themes, legends, mysticism and esotericism, an epic journey between legends and history. 

Line up;
Gabriele Grilli - Vocals
Jahn Carlini - Guitars
Francesco Russo - Guitars
Alessandro Battini - Keyboards
Paris Lambrou - Bass
Matti Auerkallio - Drums

This is the brainchild of the guitarplayer Jahn Carlini, (Great Master) the line-up is composed by well-known metal artists like: Gabriele Grilli on vocals (ex-Doomsword), Alessandro Battini (Dark Horizon, Ghost City) on keyboards, Francesco Russo (ex-Shadows Of Steel) on the guitar, the Cypriot bass player Paris Lambrou (ex-Arrayan Path, Astronomikon) and the Finnish multi-instrumentalist Matti Auerkallio (Ultimatium, Katra) on drums. The full length is mixed by Daniele Mandelli (Dark Horizon, Forgotten Tomb, Adramelch) and mastered by Simone Mularoni.

Before getting my attention to this album, I never heard of Epic Metal. Personally I would call it Progressive Power Metal with Symponic tones. Fans of German Symphonic Rock like Avantasia and Power Metal bands like Helloween and Gammaray should find themselves comfortable with the tunes of this album.
The song have a pretty wide range of subjects with lyrics covering old legends like “ Ring of Shemoloh” and “Quest of the Holy Grail” to Biblical themes with songs like: “ Vision and Life”, ”I Am That I Am”, “ Martyr” and “The Prophet”. This is a album worth giving a good time listening to.


Back Pocket – To Overcome

 Back Pocket Prophet is a Thrash/Heavy Metal band from Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. Returning in late 2018 from an extended hiatus with new studio album “…To Overcome”.


Originally Formed in 2007, Back Pocket Prophet, or BPP as they are known to their fans, have after the hiatus played extensively in both the UK and Europe, from the pub circuit to festivals, concidering no gig being too small or big.


Line Up:

Dan Random – Vocals

Gabriel Cade – Guitar

Vic Barton - Bass

Joakim Sehlstedt- Drums

What defines Trash Metal as a genre is: The fast pace of the music with extremely fast and rhytmic drumbeats, fast and heavy guitar riffs that needs to be accompanied with a skilled bass player, and it also requires quite a lot of the singer.
Listening to Trash Metal is a bit like taking a very fast rollercoast ride. Perfection is not a requierment. If it sounds like it´s recorded in a garage it can still be loveable. Songs often recorded in one take, is just alright in this genre. After a Trash Metal song you are left with the feeling “ What did I just listen to? It leaves you either with the feeling “ I will never listen to that again” or “I need play this on repeat to grasp everything I just heard”.

BPP has always gone down well in the UK, Germany and Switzerland where the band since some years have a strong and loyal following. In my opinion they can surely make an great contubution to Christan Metal also in US. The sound of this band being very much like any of the biggest Trash Metal bands, Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Testament and similar bands, leaving no fan those bands disappopinted.

As a Christian you should get an very satisfying experience from listening to the lyrics of BPP since they are all based on Chrstian life and struggles of forming a Chrisitian identity.

If you love Trash Metal you should defintely buy this album, but this is a band worth seeing live. I think that their live shows is what will truly will continue to build their fanbase.
I´m proud to present this band to the rest of the world as an Christian trash metal band anytime the topic of Trash Metal comes up.
They surely go all in giving their audience a great show. After their show in Sweden in July a friend stated that BPP surely should have an fanclub with the fans being named“ Back Pocketers”, a clan wich I`m happy to join.
In early November this year (2019) they will also be at Meltdown that takes place in UK.